Power, Torque and Speed Relation

The following calculations show the relationship between power, torque and rotational speed as the rotational motion passes through the gearbox, with power in kW equal to P.

Pin = Pout + Gear losses

Gear losses = 1% per stage. With this being ignored an ideal case can be assumed.

The general equation of power is then applicable:

P = Tω


With ω as rotational velocity in radians/sec, T is torque in N.m, and n is rotational speed in rpm.

The principle is best explained with an example. If there is a rotational speed reduction of 25 through the gearbox with a standard input speed for an electric motor of 

n = 1475rpm:

Then for:

Pin = Pout = Tω

Thus, as rotational speed decreases through the gearbox, torque increases, and vice versa. The torque change through the gearbox is equal to the multiple of the gearbox ratio.

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