CKIT was launched on the Internet in September 2001 and quickly became recognised as the definitive source of information on bulk materials handling attracting in excess of 17 000 visits monthly. These visits, primarily of first world origin, averaged over 6 minutes in duration, indicating serious usage of the Knowledge Base rather than general browsing.

Feedback from our users has been most encouraging, e.g. :

Alan W. Roberts Emeritus Professor, Centre for Bulk Solids and Particulate Technologies, University of Newcastle, Australia

I have had a look at the CKIT Knowledge Base and am very impressed with the extremely comprehensive coverage of the subject of belt conveying and bulk handling.

It is quite obvious that there has been an enormous amount of time invested in this project which will be of very great value to designers, practitioners and operators of belt conveying equipment and bulk handling plant. Bulk materials handling covers a very wide range of activities and, in the past, it has been never easy to access relevant research papers, manufacturers equipment technical data and design information. To be able to do so expeditiously via CKIT is of immeasurable value.

I thank the creators of CKIT for the service they are providing and wish this project every success.


Prof. Dr. ir. Gabriel Lodewijks Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

I consider the CKIT Knowledge Base to be the most accurate and comprehensive on-line source of information on bulk materials handling.

I myself give a course on bulk material characterisation and handling at Delft University and have recommended that my graduate students make use of it to assist them in their project and research work.

I consider e-learning as a great opportunity to spread knowledge worldwide. This knowledge however needs to be up to date and focussed on the right subjects.

I believe that the CKIT Knowledge Base does just that, which saves both my M.Sc. students and my staff considerable time looking for the right information on bulk materials handling.  


Paul Nel, Chairman Beltcon International Materials Handling Conference

CKIT has developed into the most helpful website any materials handling designer or mine engineer could hope for. Not only does it provide equipment information without bias to particular manufacturers, it also provides links to the websites of various equipment manufacturers, making it easy for the user to obtain detailed product information. For the engineers there are various guidelines to basic design issues, which can often confirm or dispel theories. CKIT has proven to be a useful tool and I have no hesitation in recommending it to users everywhere.


Graham Shortt, Chief Mechanical Technologist, Anglo American Technical Division, South Africa

I have used the CKIT site almost since its inception and have found it to be one of the more user-friendly Internet sites I have ever used. The site is a mine of information and the best part is that this information is more subject-specific than many other information sites. For this reason, I have recommended the site to many of my colleagues and business associates and I will continue to do so.  


Kees Beentjes, Principal Advisor - Asset Utilisation, Rio Tinto, Australia

CKIT is a one-stop shop, comprehensive, easy to follow and up-to-date I have regularly recommended people to go to the site, because of it's outstanding content.


Serge Mass, Ing,. Institute of Research Robert Sauv - Montral, Canada

Your "CKIT" web site is the most interesting and useful site ever found for belt conveyors.


 Yigal Rachman, Victoria, Canada

I just wanted to thank you for some great info that I found on your website. I was searching all over the Internet for some decent diagrams showing the winding layout for DC motors.  I was having very little success - just the usual vague theory with no practical information.  At last I stumbled on the CKIT Knowledge Base.

It was exactly what I had been searching for. Thank you so much! You have made my day!